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DRG 18.5 with Rheingold of 1928


Th, Jun 2nd 2011 New picture gallery 3 added. 10th aniversary of DB Museum Koblenz-Lützel Sunday May 22nd 2011.
Tu, Feb 6th 2007 Inofficial update: Update of the imprint (Phone number has changed).
Tu, Feb 7th 2006 Finaly again a small update, because I have drawn a new Loco.
The DE 2000 is available as 202 001-4 as far as DE 0902 of the WLE (Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahnen) for download in the train exchange.
The new loco to the TES.exe added also. By the way the Pierre_Ofzareck_bmp.ini added. The screensaver will run with my drawings only if is choosed this.
Unfortunately the spam bot trap does not filter all spam bot entries. But there much less than before. I will look to improve it to make it possible to have a non moderated guestbook again.
Th, Jan 25th 2006 Spam bot trap installed in my guestbook. Hope it works. There is no change for the user.
Su, Nov 27th 2005 Phone number changed at the imprint.
Th, Dec 13th 2004 Large update of the NSME train exchange. There are so many new vehicles that it would blow the frame to count them all here.
Update of the program "NSME-Call" of Stefan Lange: It contains a lot of new funktionality and if it calls the screen saver it will start safely by now.
Update of the KVB screen saver: There are a lot of new animations and of course it contains the trams in the new "match design" also.
Th, May 31st 2004 My picture is changed at the author´s page
Mo, May 3rd 2004 Imprint added.
Sa, Mar 10th 2004 LHB prototype local trains added to the MM&MM train exchange.
Also there can be found a new category "Add ons" where you may find the TES by now, also the Program User_setup.exe and a tool to "blush" all of the graffiti coaches in the MM&MM screen saver.
Su, Feb 15th 2004 Bugfix and Update of the TES.exe.
It contains the needed INI-lines also by now.
This INI-lines might be select for the MM Screen Saver with the configuration tool of Giorgio Stagni, which is added to the MM train exchange also..
Sa, Feb 14th 2004 Al of the email addresses at the MM train exchange are encoded by now.
Update of the MM train exchange and the TES: All vehicles which was before to find at www.bayers-n-bahn.de.vu/ zu are now content of the train exchange. They are part of the TES and the common User_bmp.ini project also.
Fr, Feb 13th 2004 Complete deletion and new setup of Trainspotter´s Homepage. Every theme is in seperate folders by now. This page was more and more difficult to mainten. Should you find a faulty link or a not showed picture, please send me an email.

Update of NSME train exchange. Added: E 95, MAK G 1206 of the AVG, VT 137 220, PEG 798. Updated: VT 2.09 (VT 771).
Fr, Jan 30th 2004 The DBAG double decker coaches DBuz for the NSME screen saver added.
Th, Dec 11th 2003 The guestbook will be moderated from now on. All entries must be confirmed by me first. Sorry for that but the guestbook spammers are to much in this days.
Th, Sep 18th 2003 Update of the Trainspotter´s Extension Set (TES.exe).
Fr, Sep 5th 2003 The Email encryption at the guestbook improved. The whole email address will be encrypted by now and not only the '@' sign.
Th, May 15th 2003 Since today all of the email addresses at my guestbook are coded in case of abusing spam. So there is not any '@' sign at the sourcecode anymore. Every new entry will be coded automatically by the guestbook form.
We, Oct 23rd 2002 Today is the 3rd anniversary of Trainspotter´s Homepage.

The light rail vehicles K4000 and K5100 of the Cologne traffic authority KVB
added to the MM&MM train exchange.
New battery railcars of the German railways DB and DR added to the NSME train exchange.
Su, Sep 15th 2002 Bugfix of KVB99_call.exe and NSME_call.exe. This bug only appeared with Windows XP Professional.

Update of the NSME train exchange:
Electric engines: 144/244, E94/254, and the DBAG versions of the 143.
Diesel railcars: Update of the VT 11.5 "Parsifal".
Coaches: DBz751 and DBpz of the DBAG added.
Trucks: Standard closed trucks G02 and "Rothaus Pils", variations of the tank waggon Z52 and the bulk cargo waggon Fcs added.
New entry "Stations" and the station "Großebersdorf" added.
Fr, Aug 16th 2002 Sorry but I have forgotten to upload the KVB bus screensaver as well what I have done herewith
Also the missing picture at the picture gallery 2 (side view of 143 946-2) is online now. Please mail me if you may find some further faults at my home page.
Th, Aug 3rd 2002 New KVB screen saver replaces the old ones. The new screensaver is based on the program "Traffic" from Zoltan Szabo.
New Vienna traffic authority (WVB) L4/l3 for the NSME screen saver added to the NSME train exchange.
Th, Jun 20th 2002 new guestbook online.
Th, Jun 6th 2002 Update of the link pages and three new links added.
The feedback form is online again.
Su, May 5th 2002 Update of the page "homepage adresses".
Th, Apr 25th 2002 Urgent Bugfix of the XP interface program for my KVB screen saver.
We, Apr 24th 2002 The move from the Puretec server to HexaWeb.deSign is done.
Mo, Apr 22nd 2002 Update KVB bus screen saver.
Update MM-Train exchange: EG 3100 of the DSB and Steyr Citybus added.
XP interface program for the NSME screen saver and my KVB screen saver.
Fr, Jan 25th 2002 Parts of my web site www.bahnland-scr.de/ included to this Homepage.
found at my hard disk Trainspotter´s 1st Homepage included.
Sa, Dec 22nd 2001 The last update of this year has following news:
New KVB bus screen saver at the download page.
Electric loco 132 (E 32) for MM&MM train exchange.
KVB bus M.A.N NGL 202 for MM&MM train exchange.
For all downloads of the MM&MM train exchange (except cars) the codes of the User_bmp.ini added.
Update TES.exe.
Every drawer at my MM&MM train exchange is included to the Project "common User_bmp.ini" by now.
Su, Oct 14th 2001 All of my NSME (not NedTrain) drawings are included to the NSME train exchange by now but they are still available at the download section too.
New DB VT 11.5 and DBAG 152 for the NSME train exchange.
Updates of DR SVT 175 and 130-132
Th, Oct 4th 2001 Update MM&MM train exchange: Catenary service train of the DR added.
Update NSME train exchange: SVT 175 of the DR added.
Mo, Jul 30th 2001 New pictures scanned at the picture gallery (BW Köln 2). Büssing/Gebr. Ludewig 1½ decker busses for the MM&MM screen saver added. Trams of KVB, WLB and WVB for the NSME screen saver added.
Su, May 27th 2001 It was already time for an update. But in fact of not enough time at the moment it is impossible for me to setup more often as well as I have to update my other two web projects ("MM Screen Saver Web ring" and "Online-User_bmp.ini") in front. But now the updates:

Update MM train exchange. Added are the electric loco 193 of the German railways DB, special trains and a Citroën ID/DS.
Update NSME train exchange. Stefan Lange has made an update of nearly all of his drawings and made as well some new ones.
Th, Mar 1st 2001 Again a late update. Because of the start of two new web projects the work for this page had to be wait for a while. As well because of limited 10 MB space at the web server I had to completely re-organize my puretec homepage during the last month which made me work without showing news for you. But now the updates:

New vehicles for the NSME train exchange added.
Update of all DR vehicle files till the railbus of Stefan Lange.
The Mauszug and The Mauslok in the MM&MM train exange updated. The !TES.exe updated.
Su, Feb 7th 2001 Regio Shuttle of the Trans Regio added for the NSME Bildschirmschoner.
Sa, Jan 27th 2001 Adds to the MM&MM train exchange.
Adds to the NSME train exchange.
We, Dec 20th 2000 New electric railcar ET 27 / 427 of the German railways DB added to the MM&MM train exchange. Some links corrected.
Fr, Dec 15th 2000 Update MM&MM screen saver train exchange.
New train exchange for NSME and NedTrain screen saver pictures.
Fr, Oct 27th 2000 It was allready time for an update:

1st Since the new MM&MM screen saver came out there is a train exchange at my pages by now.
2nd A new wallpaper added.
3rd finally for today there some new links added.
Mo, Oct 23rd 2000 Today the Trainspotter´s Homepage is online since 1 year.
Mo, Aug 21st 2000 NS 1600 P for the NSME/NedTrain sceen saver is colored nearer to the original trains included into the screen saver.
Sa, Aug 19th 2000 Hopefully the last update of the railbus VT 798 for the NSME and NedTrain screen saver
Fr, Aug 18th 2000 There is a screenshot by now for every NSME vehicle. Update of DB railbus VT 798 and NS 1600 P. NS 1600 P is new for the NedTrain screen saver.
Th, Aug 17th 2000 All download files at the NSME/NedTrain page are selfextracting "zip" files by now. They are extract to the correct folders automatically
Fr, Aug 11th 2000 By now there is an alternative text for every scrolling train.
Mo, Jul 24th 2000 Some links added.
Mo, Jul 3rd 2000 The navigation at my picture gallery improved.
Su, Jul 2nd 2000 The picture gallery goes online with the first 14 pictures.
Su, Jun 18th 2000 Class 1600P of the Netherlands railways (NS) for the NSME screen saver added for download. Some new links added.
Su, Jun 6th 2000 New index page navigation improved.
Sa, May 27th 2000 Some links added.
Su, May 21st 2000 Update of all KVB-screen savers. New train pictures of class E 69/169 and coaches "Silberlinge" of the German railways DB for the NSME-screen saver added.
Fr, May 12th 2000 New wallpaper added. Three new links added.
Fr, Apr. 7th 2000 Three new links added.
We, Mar. 29th 2000 Three new links added.
Mo, Mar. 20th 2000 Layout of the homepage changed. Frameless linking improved.
Mo, Mar. 13th 2000 Update of the NSME /NedTrain 798. It is included the six-waggon version too. The Background picture is more dark by now so it does not spoil the readability of the text anymore.
Fr, Mar. 10th 2000 Banner, backgraound picture and link of the railway software web ring added.
We, Mar. 8th 2000 Again two new links added and some errors fixed.
Tu, Mar. 7th 2000 The Link to the German railway webring and other Links added.
Sa, Mar. 4th 2000 Some links added. All of my homepageadresses are shown on the page "homepage adresses" by now.
Fr, Feb. 25th 2000 Guestbook is available again.
Do, Feb. 7th 2000 Some errors at the layout fixed. Linkpage made topical.
Th, Jan. 27th 2000 The download and the link page revised.
Update of the tramweb file Koln1_60.nt3. The track plan corrected at "BDU", "Ebertplatz" and "Niehl, Sebastianstraße".
Mo, Jan. 24th 2000 Some changes at my link page.
Sa, Jan. 22nd 2000 Small corrections at my link page and drawings changed.
We, Jan. 19th 2000 Thomas the tank engine at my author page is animated by now.
Tu, Jan. 18th 2000 The KVB-99x screensaver is made in six new versions. Because of a crash at August 23rd 1999 the CITY-Sprinter did not come to Cologne in double traction.
Tu, Jan. 15th 2000 Some smaller changes at the layout.
We, Jan. 12th 2000 Again an update of the rail bus VT 798 of the DB for the NSME/NedTrain screen saver.
Tu, Jan. 11th 2000 The drawings for the NSME and NedTrain screen saver are improved.
Tu, Jan. 10th 2000 The VT 798 is available for the NSME and NedTrain screen saver.
Su, Jan. 2nd 2000 Two new versions of my KVB-99 screen saver available. Frameset improved.
Sa, Jan. 1st 2000 The trams for the NSME Screen saver are conformed to the new NedTrain screen gamer.
Also new background pictures for the NSME and NedTrain Screen saver.
We, Dec. 29th 1999 Frames can be used by now, if needed. Update Koln1_60.nt3
Tu, Dec. 21st 1999 New link of Mats Vanselow´s homepage
Th, Dec. 9th 1999 My new Tramweb file Koln 1_60 is nearly finished. All trams are already running (rush hour at 24h) but it is still the circulation table for the trams to do.
We, Dec. 8th 1999 The animated GIF of the link www.ubahnmuenchen.de is conformed to my homepage layout by now. Meta tags added.
Tu, Dec. 7th 1999 Again an update of the webfile koln1_60.nt3. The tramlines 6,12,18 and 19 are on time now.
Sa, Dec. 4th 1999 A new link settled down at my link page and again an update of my Koln1_60.nt3 (beta) webfile
Tu, Nov. 30th 1999 Update for the Bahn webfile Koln1_60.nt3 (beta). The east-west lines are now with edited timetable, but just the rush hour at 24h.
Fr, Nov. 19th 1999 feedback form online.
We, Nov. 17th 1999 Some new Tramweb files available (koeln-97.nt3, Koeln1_60.nt3 (beta), start.nt3).
Su, Nov. 14th 1999 Again a little KVB-screen saver bugfix (version 1.0.3).
Tu, Nov. 9th 1999 The bugfixed KVB screen savers go online (version 1.0.2).
Mo, Nov. 11th 1999 The alternative caption for the wallpaper GIF is now translated into English language too and the link to the tramway web-ring is online now.
Th, Oct. 28th 1999 The party tram of the colgne tramways (KVB) is available now for the NSME screen saver.
We, Oct. 27th 1999 The counter and the e-mail cgi script are online and the tram 2100 of the cologne tramways for the NSME screen saver too.
Mo, Oct. 25th 1999 The Bahn 3.58 web file KVB-97.nt3 is online now and the web file VRS-97.nt3 from Paul Löffelsend goes online.
Su, Oct. 24th 1999 The extern link to Gunnar Blumert´s Homepage is corrected.
Sa, Oct. 23rd 1999 This homepage goes online.