Trainspotter´s train exchange

Trainspotter´s train exchange

Drawings for the NSME/NedTrain screen saver

Here comes up a train exchange for the NSME/NedTrain screen saver. It is open for your drawings too. But I just publish drawings, which are compare to the NSME/NedTrain screen saver.

Please send your drawings to:

Köf II Br 323 of AW Limburg with Containerwaggon

Stefan Lange has written an editor program which makes it possible to simple add new vehicles with an user interface. Also it makes it possible to run the NSME screen saver 1.0 also with Windows XP. (435 KB) Version 1.3.4   December 13th 2004

My own drawings you will find also at the link

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Electric engines

Diesel engines

Diesel railcars

Battery railcars



Passenger trains

Goods trains




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