Trainspotter´s train exchange

Trainspotter´s train exchange

pictures for the MM&MM-screen saver

Here comes up a train exchange for the MM&MM screen saver. It is open for your drawings too. But I just publish drawings, which are compare to the MM&MM screen saver.

NEW! Drawers who send me their drawings to publich them here are included automatically to the project "common User_bmp.ini".

Please send your drawings to:

Köf II Br 323 of AW Limburg with containertrucks (3 KB zip)

GENERAL!!! All pictures are packed as ".zip" files. This files extract to a sub folder into the folder "C:\Programme\MM_Bahn_V3\***\***\*.*". If you do not like this you may change the folder in the dialog box of the "*.zip" file. But you have to edit the *.txt file too before you can copy it into the "User_bmp.ini" file of the MM&MM screen saver.

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Electric engines

Diesel engines

Electric railcars

Diesel railcars

Special Trains






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