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Railway software

ET56, 456 of the DB

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The Homepage of Peter Weber who made some really nice e-books on CD-rom in HTML-code of the region of Cologne and the county of Eifel.

Jan Bochmann-logo

Jan Bochmanns Bahn-Homepage. Here everybody will be satisfied who thinks that model trains are too expensive or simply has not enough space for it..


MM&MM Homepage. Here is the ultimative railway screensaver for european railway enthusiasts. Sometimes a couple of trucks without an engine is rolling through the screen. But that´s definetely the only bug I now.

Logo Miba one

Here you will get the screensaver of the railway enthusiast´s of Betzdorf which is showing the Trains out of the engine shed Betzdorf.

Logo Oberon

Here you will get the NSME, NedTrain and more screensaver from the software forge Oberon.


Here are the ultimative programm, for everyone who would really drive a train by himself. MS-Dos grafics are a little bit old fashioned but the simulation of the train masses are really realistic.

Logo Traffic

Here you can get the Hungarian railway sreen saver "Traffic" of Zoltan Szabo as a beta version which is programmed look alike the MM&MM screen saver, but it has a lot more features. It is also a little bit complicated to configure it.


The software page from Gunnar Blumert, who made the signal box simulaton "Hamburg-Altona", "Neumünster", "Köln-Deutz" and programed the model railway planning program "Win-Rail".

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