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Local traffic

KVB 2200 2201-50 Duewag 1989-91

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Logo Bus 100 fan page

A wonderful Bus page about the Bus line 100 of Berlin. As I saw it I was speechless. Definetely you should join to this great page. *****


A region traffic page of the region around Gifhorn.


A region traffic page of a Munich passenger association.

The tramway and Cologne-page of the Cologne tramway driver Roland Frisch. ****


The KVB bus page of the Cologne bus driver Sascha Wasser. ****

Ralf´s Cologne Tram Page-logo

The link to Ralf's Cologne Tram Page.
A really beautiful page about the Cologne tramways, which unfortunately is not often updated.
But it is still a favourite. ****


The home page of Guido Mandorf about the Essener Verkehrs AG (EVAG), hand made tramway models and his Porsche 924 + 944... ****


The link to anyone who is interested in the tube of Munich.
Project is made by a munich tube driver. *****


This page gives a view to the local network of vienna including the history and a comparison with other modern tram and surburban railway networks especially French ones. The whole is spiced with some good pictures and drawings. A high intresting page. *****


The railway and tramway picture gallery of a railway friend from Vienna.
A view to the Austrian railways ÖBB and to the tramway of Vienna. ****

Emidio Garde-logo

The trolley bus page of the Portuguese Emidio Garde, which attends to the trolley bus in Portugal und South Amerika. Unfortunately, a lot of this Homepage is only written in Portuguese, but those what is already translated into English language is still good. ***

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