The author of this homepage

The author of this homepage

Well, I have to introduce me too. Born at june 19th 1966 in Erkensruhr / district of Monschau in the country of Eifel but I live in Cologne since my age of two.

Thomas the Tank Engine

At my age of seven short time before christmas I saw running around in the display window of a stationery shop a 0-6-0 tank engine (like Thomas you can see him above) of the class 80 of the German railways with two trucks at the "King size" scale. This started my interests. As this train at christmas really laid down under the christmas tree , I think the infection with the railway-virus was completed. The train is still in my possession.

The fact, that I had to travel to school by public transport produced my interests for trams and busses. Today I am a member of two clubs a tramway and a railway club.

To computers I came late at my age of 27 and this more accidental. It was whilst I was staying in England where such a "box" (386 DX 40) was standing by this friend which I have to gratitude his hospitality. This still has advance for me today because I have no problems with programs written in English language.

Now I try to use HTML. In this process I try to make my web site visible for any surfer. Therefore I try to make it readable to any browser. For suggests, wishes, questions and criticism I have always an open e-mailbox .

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